The City of Zadar

Welcome to Zadar!

Zadar is an ancient European port city, lying in the center of Croatian Adriatic. Although the city is a few thousand years old, it remains urban, economic and educational center of Northern Dalmatia region.

Through its history, the city of Zadar gained a massive cultural heritage from Liburn time, ancient Rome civilization, Croatian kindom, Venice time over Austro-Hungarian Empire of Habsburgs till modern time. Its advantageous geographical position enabled its development into cultural center of Northern Dalmatia: this is the place where the first Croatian newspaper was published, the first Croatian novel was written, and the first Croatian university was established.

Zadar boasts a number of quality museums, historic old town which preserved a lot of treasures from Roman and medieval times and well organized tourist infrastructure.

All these attractions multiplied a hundredfold by the natural beauty of the eastern Adriatic coast are making Zadar a perfect summer destination.

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